Impact of Using Artificial Intelligence Applications on the Accounting and Auditing Profession–An Exploratory Study from the LCPAs’ Perspective

Hasan El-Mousawi, Ahmad Jaber, Ibrahim Fakih


Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is developing very rapidly and is impacting every domain in the world from a simple transformation of humans to simulated human life. AI is the ability of a computer or computer-powered system to process information and produce results the way humans do in learning, solving problems and decision-making. Practitioners of accounting and auditing have taken part in the trend of automation, which would enhance efficacy of their work. This paper aims at determining the impact of artificial intelligence applications on the accounting and auditing profession and the challenges AI is facing from the Lebanese Certified Public Accountants’ (LCPAs) point of view. The researchers used the quantitative method conducting a questionnaire as a tool for the exploratory study, and it was distributed to 350 LCPA’s, of which 337 were retrieved and were valid for testing. The study rendered some important findings, mostly that using AI applications improve the level of reliability of financial data. Using AI applications contributes in finding solutions for complex accounting and auditing process. However, there are some challenges that face implementing AI application.

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