Research on the Transformation of Real Estate Enterprises’ Asset-light Operation Mode—Take Vanke as an Example

Xu Hongye, Chang Huan


Chinese the real estate industry has experienced more than 20 years of prosperity. The traditional operating model has brought huge profits to real estate companies under the specific economic environment and reform dividends. However, in the context of the continuous upgrade of macro-control in the real estate industry, real estate companies have narrowed their financing channels, and the pressure on funds has generally increased. They are facing an urgent need to expand financing channels, reduce financing costs, and maintain stable cash flow. In this context, it is increasingly important for real estate companies to transform their asset-light operation model. Therefore, this article will analyze the concept of light assets and the characteristics of light asset operation models, and take Vanke as an example to analyze the changes in Vanke’s financial performance before and after the transformation, and put forward relevant suggestions to provide references for real estate companies to transform asset-light operation mode.

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