Marketing, Digital Environment and Big Data: A Preliminary Discussion about the Influences within A Company

Edmir Kuazaqui


This article discusses how Big Data influences Brazilian enterprises from the view point of marketing, once there is a deepening in the use of Information Technology (IT) in the business environment and is a differentiated competitive factor, as well as for the consumer. The bibliographical research involved subjects such as the evolution of digital marketing, digital inclusion, co-creation, social media, and Big Data, to have a theoretical vision. Through in-depth qualitative research, using the Focus Group method, the impressions of professionals with academic backgrounds were collected regarding knowledge, abilities and necessary competences for these enterprises to have full results, the need for curve experience, adaptability to the exponential world, as well as the opportunities and challenges stemming from this reality. One of the highlighted points of this research was the need to be dealing in still evolving digital atmospheres and that of ethical behavior, both in the collection, dissemination, and application of digital marketing strategies, as well as in information security.

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