Visual Focus of Attention Actively Associates Relevancy in Eye Movements

Gufran Ahmad


Advancements in the studies of eye movements have excelled beyond frontiers and transited into the phase of next generation splendidly. The business applications, like online shopping, advertisement, web designing, search engine optimization, of eye movement studies in real world scenarios have started to dominate as well. Tracking of eye movements can communicate the underlying mechanism of visual perception and dynamics of humans’ cognition that are of prime concerns for a number of social, economic, and scientific purposes. In this study, we conducted a series of eye tracking experiments to verify our hypothesis that during human eye movements, the visual focus of attention dynamically associated relevant constituents of artistic portrait. We collected the eye movement data of participants who regarded artistic portraits during active viewing. The trails produced from eye tracking system during portrait viewing traced connected focuses of attention in eye movements based on relevancy in visual contexts. These experimental facts validated the hypothesis that visual focus of attention actively associated relevancy in eye movements.

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