Freedom in Terms of the Win-Win-Win Papakonstantinidis: Bibliography

Papakonstantinidis LA


Concepts such as freedom cannot be measured and give material measurable results. Freedom is not measured. It leaves its philosophical imprint on independent thought. According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Note 1), it recedes only to leave room for political freedom The supposed absolute freedom based on the quantity of material goods and choices actually leads to the commitment of individualism. Because it is difficult to change this relationship between materialism and individualism, we focus on philosophical freedom through self-knowledge that will answer the triple question (1) what is best for me, (2) what is best for you, (3) what is best for community in which we negotiate a win-win-win reasoning for everyone who negotiates with another in the community Thus arises a win-win-win inner freedom with an immeasurable result, which at its limit is identified with the complete independence of the soul and the spirit.

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