An Assessment of Students’ Preferences Using Social Media Platforms on Their Selection of Private Universities in Lebanon

Eman Bashir, Hussin J. Hejase, Kassem Danash, Hassan Fayyad-Kazan, Ale J. Hejase


This paper assesses the behavior of prospective students of private universities in Lebanon on social media platforms; classifies them according to the extent and the way they use these platforms, and investigates students’ preferences using social media to choose a private University. A quantitative approach was adopted using a structured questionnaire administered to a convenient sample of 527 students from private universities in Lebanon who responded willingly. Collected data were analyzed using the SPSS program employing descriptive statistics. The university sample consisted of six Lebanese Higher Education Institutions that belong to different socio-economic categories, diverse cultures, many geographic locations, and varying chronological seniority. Results showed the influence of university pages on these platforms on students’ decisions and their adoption as a primary source of information before making their choices. Universities were unsuccessful in providing an effective communication channel with students or enabling two-way communication and motivating participation in comments, content creation, sharing experiences related to the universities, or sharing posts from their pages. Authors recommend universities review their motivational schemes for students to interact on university platforms regarding access to information and communication. For marketing, it is necessary to hire qualified staff, and provide a consistent and updated policy.

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