A Descriptive Analysis of Job Satisfaction among Faculty Members: Case of Private Vocational and Technical Education Institutions, Baabda, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon

Hussein Nasser, Hussin J. Hejase, Maryam Ali Mezher, Mohammad Termos, Ale J. Hejase


The study aimed to assess Job Satisfaction (JS) among teaching staff in private vocational and technical education institutions in Mount Lebanon, Lebanon. The study is descriptive and analytic, using a sample of 200 teachers from 13 schools and institutes chosen according to the coordinated random method. A questionnaire created and validated by Warr, Cook, and Wall is adopted to measure job satisfaction. This questionnaire includes personal information like job status, educational level, number of years of work, monthly income, age, gender, and social status. Using a seven-level Likert scale, it also contains 15 items to measure various dimensions of job satisfaction (internal and external factors). Results show a low overall mean of 4.69 out of 7 with a standard deviation of 1.15 for job satisfaction, based on data analysis using the SPSS program. Also, the majority of respondents are not satisfied with the wage received (the overall mean of job satisfaction=3.83, with a standard deviation of 2.00); there is a low level of JS among teachers concerning the degree of job security (mean=4.13 with a standard deviation of 1.91); there are no statistically significant differences in JS among teachers due to demographics. Capitalizing on the results, recommendations are made.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jbtp.v10n4p16


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