Corporate Social Responsibility in Croatia Case Study of the Best Value Added Companies

Dulčić., Ž., Bilić, I., Ninčević, V.


The current economic crisis, as well as the corporate micro and macro environment have an impact on
the ways corporations perform their business, overall corporate strategy, corporate communication
strategy and corporate responsibility strategy, on how they perceive corporate social responsibility,
and moreover how they present those company’s efforts regarding corporate social responsibility in
the media. In this paper we will take into consideration current trends in corporate social
responsibility in Croatian companies at present, with the respect of the previous researches on the
same topic and development of this emerging phenomenon within observed corporations.
This paper explores different aspects of corporate social responsibility in Croatian companies,
surveyed in two phases; the first phase was in 2011 when 70 companies participated and second one
was in 2015, which was performed only on companies which participated in the first phase. Initially
this survey started on a population of 500 biggest Croatian companies according to the value added.
Also, some previous studies on the same population of the biggest Croatian companies is incorporated
to provide readers with some valuable insights into the current trend of the corporate social
responsibility and corporate management awareness about this topic in Croatia particularly after
Croatia joined the European Union.

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