Contribution of Table Banking in the Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in Kenya: A Case of Eldoret Town

Fridah Mwobobia


The study aimed to establish the contribution of Table banking in the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Eldoret, Kenya. The questions explored were 1) What is Table banking, 2) Which categories of women are involved in Table banking in Eldoret, Kenya? 3) What contribution has Table banking brought in the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Eldoret, 4) What challenges are facing women entrepreneurs as far as Table banking is concerned, 5) what can be recommended 120 women entrepreneurs from Eldoret town were randomly sampled. A questionnaire was used as the data collecting instrument. Findings revealed that Table banking has played a significant role in the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in Eldoret. Table banking has enabled women to purchase land, start and expand businesses, brought harmony at homes and financial independence.

Regarding the challenges facing women entrepreneurs, in Eldoret as far as Table banking is concerned include default cases, poor record keeping, disagreements, failure to attend meetings and failure to pay loan interests. Recommendations put forward among others are provision of training of women entrepreneurs in time and financial management, introduction of a law that would restrict women on the number of Table banking groups one joins among others. Further research in this field is recommended.

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