Skills Required by Consultants for Success within the Competitive Auto Sales Business Environments

Dr. Nana Shaibu Akaeze, Dr Christian O. Akaeze


Automobile sector is significant to the United States economy accounting for over 3 million jobs in total employment (Mondal, 2011). Sales personnel are essential for generating revenues to sustain the Auto sector. However, automobile sale consultants’ voluntary turnover rate approximates 34.7% costing dealerships about $75,000 per salesperson in annual total cost (Davieson, 2011). Guided by knowledge-based view, the purpose of this multiple case study was to explore skills required by some consultants in New York for success beyond five years within the competitive auto sales business environment. Data were collected through semi structured interviews from 20 participants who consulted in same auto dealership and succeeded at least 5 years. Data analysis involved coding techniques and cluster analysis. Member checking strengthened credibility and trustworthiness in interpreting participants’ responses. The 3 themes that emerged related to skills used by auto sales consultants for success including Technical knowledge, Interpersonal, and Salesmanship Skills. Findings may contribute to social change by specifying some skills which successful auto sales consultants use to improve performance, mitigate job loss and reduce turnover rate. Information may enhance product training to facilitate sales skills and increase revenue leading to prosperity of auto dealerships, their employees, and the locality.

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