Implementing Web Technologies as Organizational Communication Media: A Study of Employee Adoption Likelihood

Pius A. Onobhayedo


As an indicator of adoption likelihood, we studied employee dispositions that impact Perceived Usefulness (PU) of several Web technologies as organizational media. We also examined the acceptability of organization-owned platforms as informal communication media by employee. Employees were studied across two countries with different levels of infrastructure maturity—Spain and Nigeria. Results show that PU of Web technologies is positively impacted by employee usage habits, perceived capacity to facilitate image enhancement, use by persons with whom the employee wishes to relate and the availability of media options on the same platform. Previous notion that PU is positively impacted by media richness was not supported. Results also suggest employee unwillingness to use organization-owned media for informal communication except for job-related conversations that could enhance performance. We recommend approach to planning Web technologies implementation as effective organizational media.

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