Justification of a Qualitative Methodology to Investigate the Emerging Concept: The Dimensions of Religion as Underpinning Constructs for Mass Media Social Marketing Campaigns

Patrick van Esch, Linda Jean van Esch


This paper explores the justification of using a qualitative research methodology under an interpretive paradigm to investigate the emerging concept of the relationship to use the dimensions of religion as underpinning constructs for mass media social marketing campaigns. To create convergence and corroboration and to eliminate the inherent biases from using only one method within the research, it is recommended that two (2) research methods be used to gather and analyse data. This approach allows the weaknesses and limitations of textual analysis to be complemented by the strengths of in-depth interviews to bolster any findings or emerging themes through distilling, exploration, enhancement, elaboration, clarification and validation. Under this research methodology, it is the aim to confirm any links that allows for the connection of two (2) or more pieces of knowledge that were previously thought to be unrelated and report them and their potential to influence both theory and professional practice.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jbtp.v1n2p214


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