Application of Creative Experiential Marketing in Vanke Real Estate

Wei Bi, Jun Wu, Yang Gao, Rungtai Lin


With the continuous development of China’s real estate market and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the home buyers’ demand for emotional experience has been constantly aroused, thus making emotional experiential marketing more important in customer behavior. In the era of pursuing personalized experience, experiential marketing has become a powerful means for enterprises to achieve stRung competitiveness. It is usually connected with the creation of an atmosphere, an environment and a situation, the completion of a process and the making of a commitment, and sometimes it needs a customer’s active participation. This paper is based on Vanke’s real estate marketing, first gives a detailed introduction to the real estate experience in terms of the experience economy, experiential marketing and emotional experience, and then analyzes the application of experiential marketing in real estate marketing from product experience, user-friendly experience, scene setting experience and theme interactive experience to discuss how experiential marketing is implemented in Vanke’s real estate, learn from it and provide reference of effective experience for future researches.

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