A Comparative Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Consumer Touch Points Image of Chinese and US Tea Enterprises Based on Corpus on the Amazon Platform

Zihan Lang, Run Huang, Zhen Zhang


On Amazon’s cross-border e-commerce platform, tea products are iconic commodities that account for a relatively large amount of exports between China and the US, and play an important role in the foreign trade market, while the e-commerce development of tea enterprises is also of great significance to the construction of the national agricultural economy. This paper mainly takes the product promotion information of 20 Chinese and US tea enterprises on the Amazon platform as an example, and uses multimodal discourse analysis theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the three promotion forms of text, pictures and videos. With the support of the above two theories, the paper aims to interpret the characteristics of the consumer touch points image expressed in the product promotion messages of Chinese and US tea enterprises, so as to provide reference for cross-border tea enterprises in the field of e-commerce marketing and international competition.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jepf.v9n2p85


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