Monetary Policy Its Instruments and Convergence of Its Objectives: Case of Angola 2005/2017

Antonio, Pitshu Massaka


This paper proposes a new paradigm for the analysis of monetary policy, and presents the monetary policy framework in Angola which includes the policy instruments, and implementation mechanism the way between instrument and objective. To study the Monetary Policy instruments in Angola based on a multiple linear regression model. Before the model was conceived an analogy was made about the politics and instruments of monetary policy from the classical Keynesian model in the matter, but also less important also to analyze the concrete objective of monetary policy if the authors agree connected with those currents of economic thought. For the estimation of the equation for the monetary aggregate M2 that represents the money supply by the Central Bank in Angola The author applied the current implementation and the existing theories to display the Angola monetary tools such as basic interest rate for monetary policy orientation (tbna), open market operation, Lending Facility, coefficient of required reserve, net international reserves, and the Gross Domestic Product, the reference oil price to brent. Most of the variables present the expected results.

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