Application of Ultra-high Pressure Processing Technology

Jun Chen, Yu Pei, Shi Yan Xu


High pressure processing is an innovation for the traditional food processing and preservation method. Since the method of ultra-high pressure processing (HPP) exerts a very little influence on the covalent bond of food, its influence on the nutrition, taste, and texture of food is minimized. However, HPP food is perishable in long distance transportation and sales process. Since food freshness directly affects the final demand in market, how to use the appropriate strategy to manage commodity stocks effectively during the long time and distance in food transportation and match the supply and demand of HPP food to improve the competitiveness of companies are the challenges faced by HPP food companies in upstream and downstream supply chain. This paper describes of the different features of HPP foods compared to that of traditional processed foods, and analyzes the collaboration of HPP foods supply chain members.

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