Critical Factors of Aquatic Products in Cross Border Ecommerce Operation

Jun Chen, Chen yang Zhao, Shi yan Xu, Xi Zhou


Cross-border e-commerce refers to international commercial activities in which different customs trading entities conduct transactions through e-commerce platforms, conduct electronic payment and settlement, and complete the delivery of goods through cross-border logistics and transactions. Cross-border e-commerce is the extension and expansion of e-commerce. In recent years, its scale has been constantly expanding, and it has become a new trend and an important part of the transformation and development of international trade.

As an important product of China’s foreign exports, aquatic products rank the first among all agricultural products exported in China, accounting for nearly one third, and are an important growth point of China’s foreign trade. Starting from the perspective of export enterprises of cross-border e-commerce of aquatic products and combining the bottleneck problems encountered in the development of cross-border e-commerce of aquatic products as a starting point, this paper analyzes the current situation of the development of cross-border e-commerce of aquatic products in China through the results of a questionnaire survey, and discusses the influencing factors that affect the sales of aquatic products enterprises. Finally, based on the above results and the aquatic product industry in which the target cross-border e-commerce enterprises are located, relevant strategies for the further development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in this industry will be proposed.

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