Development Status and Business Solution of Ultra-high Pressure Food

Jun Chen, Chenyang Zhao, Shiyan Xu, Kaikai Liu


Ultra-high pressure food processing technology refers to the technology of sterilizing food under thousands of atmospheric pressure without destroying the properties of food raw materials. Japan is a world leader in HPP technology. Significant achievements have been made in experimental equipment, production equipment, processing, sterilization and preservation of ultra-high pressure technology. Almost all natural, safe and healthy HPP food jams and fruit juices have been commercialized. Germany, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other countries are also unwilling to fall behind, they are scrambling to carry out research on ultra-high voltage technology and have achieved industrialization results.

China’s research on food ultra-high pressure technology started late. After nearly ten years of technical digestion and research, the research results have been achieved in stages, but there is still a large gap compared with developed countries. This article outlines the application of HPP technology in food processing, briefly analyzes the development of HPP food technology in China today, and establishes a cold chain supply chain model to identify problems and propose certain countermeasures, with a view to addressing HPP technology in food and chemicals industry.

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