The Analysis of Chinese Convertible Bond Market

Yuxin Tian, Jun Chen


Convertible bond is a type of hybrid security with both bond- and stock-like features. The Chinese market of convertible bonds has developed dramatically during the last decade. This paper will conduct a comprehensive analysis of this market. Firstly, a brief introduction of convertible bond and the historical evolution of this market in China is presented, then we analyze various investment risks related to convertible bonds. Next, this paper proposes the basic valuation model for convertible bonds, which is the Black-Scholes model and modifies it by taking the delusion effect of conversion into account, leading to the Gailai-Schneller model. In addition, the differences of the outcomes obtained by these two models are compared and analyzed based on the pricing of Shanghai Electric convertible bond. In the sixth part, this paper mainly explains two types of applications of convertible bonds in portfolio management. In the end, several problems existing in Chinese convertible market as well as some suggestions for solving them are discussed.

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