Carbon Trading in BRICS Countries: Challenges and Recommendations

Fangyuan Zhang, Ruixi Zhao, Yizhou Yang, Xiaolong Zou


As one of the world’s largest emerging economies, BRICS countries are playing an increasingly important role in addressing the global issue of climate change. To achieve their emissions reduction targets, these nations are actively promoting the construction of carbon trading markets. However, they face multiple challenges and obstacles in this endeavor, including issues related to market norms, financial support, technical capacity, social participation, and development needs. This research investigates the problems and challenges faced by BRICS countries in terms of building carbon trading markets through literature reviews and case studies. To address these challenges, this research strengthening international cooperation and technical support, improving market norms and provide following recommendations: conducting regulatory measures, enhancing social participation and communication, and balancing the relationship between economic development and environmental protection requirements. Furthermore, it is crucial for these nations to continue to strengthen international cooperation and collaboration, working together to promote the construction of carbon trading markets, achieving their emissions reduction targets, and ensuring long-term sustainability and economic development.

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