Financial Technology Level and Credit Structure Adjustment of Commercial Banks

Yalong Sun


Under the traditional bank credit model, due to financial control and risk considerations, the growth of credit scale is limited. Banks often adopt short-term credit strategies and tend to issue guaranteed loans instead of credit loans. In recent years, the development of financial technology in commercial banks has broken the credit resource allocation model of the traditional financial system to a certain extent, which is of great significance for optimizing the credit structure of commercial banks. This paper first analyzes the potential transmission pathways through which financial technology may influence commercial banks, and then selects the panel data of 91 commercial banks in China from 2017 to 2021, uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to construct indicators to measure the level of bank financial technology. Taking commercial banks as the research object, this paper empirically studies the impact of financial technology on the credit structure of commercial banks in China and analyzes the relevant mechanisms. The study found that the development of financial technology of commercial banks can reduce the bank's non-performing loan ratio, promote the optimization of bank credit structure, increase the loan scale and proportion of credit loans, personal loans, medium and long-term loans. For large commercial banks and small and medium-sized banks, There is a significant difference in the degree of optimization of the credit structure. Also, the Optimization of credit structure has brought more customers into the loan business, which has promoted the continuous improvement of the bank's profitability.

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