Firm Ownership Characteristics and Long-run Return on Equity Issued: A Case of the Nairobi Securities Exchange

Martin K. Odipo, Tobias Olweny, Oluoch Oluoch


This investigation looked at the link between firm ownership characteristics and long-run return on firms that issued equity at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) in Kenya. The study covered 12 firms that issued shares in the NSE market from 2006-2008. Ownership characteristics included (state ownership, institutional Ownership, foreign Ownership, big five shareholders, market capitalization, age of the firm and Leverage of the firm) in relation to the average return. The study tested whether each of the firm ownership characteristics influenced long-run performance. Annual return for these companies was based on market return for five years after the firm’s equity shares were issued. The long-run performance was compared with three benchmarks, namely, NSE index, CAPM and Matching firms. Seven hypotheses were developed for the study. Simple-liner and multi-linear regression analyses based on panel data were carried out to relate the extended run return on shares issued. The result of the survey showed that issuing firms performed better than non-issuing firms. These issuing firms also performed better in comparison to CAPM. However, the issuing firms performed worse than NSEI. In conclusion, the long-run performance of equity issued at the NSE does not necessarily underperform relative to non-issuing establishments.

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