Consumer Behavior and Decision Making from Officed-based Doctors. A Systematic Literature Review

Claudia Pitterle


The aim of this literature review is to systematically summarize the existing knowledge and theories on the subject of decision-making behavior in general and in particular, when doctors have to decide for or against insurance for their own practice.

Publications on decision psychology, behavioral economics, consumer behavior and modern brain research were evaluated. Special interest was paid to studies with regard to insurance demand and the regulatory framework.

Each branch of science deals with decisions that people make consciously and unconsciously. Conducted worldwide studies of insurance demand have been directed to try to confirm or disprove certain theories using experiments. In summary, research in recent years has been increasingly in the area of behavioral economics in particular behavioral patterns. It has been confirmed that decision behavior related to insurance demand is very much shaped by determinants such as risk, uncertainty, and cognitive systems. Insurance consulting must continue to take these determinants into account in a more targeted manner in the future.

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