Would You Like a GDP with Your Coffee?

Martin Vlcek


The holistic economics studies the economy as an integrated, unique object with its own motivation and global resources. It is also necessary to find out from this point of view the global characteristic of this object. And this is just the analogy with the GDP, constructed upon quantities with what the holistic economics works. This characteristic describes activity of parts of the control structure of the economy aiming to the removal of the tension in controlling areas. The submitting paper forms this characteristic on the basis of a study of stock markets.

When at the end a comparison of this holistic characteristic with a standard quarterly GDP is made, a very good compliance results. It has double meaning. Firstly, a characteristic because of stemming from the development of stock markets is to the disposal on every day basis, and thus it is possible to get an analogy of the GDP on this quite different time basis. It allows an economy control in a quite different quality.

And secondly, it is a confirmation of the credibility of the holistic economics itself. Its global characteristic, resp. one of them, tightly corresponds with a global characteristic of the standard, classical macro-economics.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jepf.v2n1p22


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