A Type of “Bubble” Water-saving Faucet

Xiao Luo, Kandorera Angela Nujoma, Xiying Kuang


At present, many places are seriously short of freshwater resources. Thus, saving water is the universal responsibility of contemporary citizens. Now faucet products such as ordinary washing nozzle, kitchen nozzle, face-washer nozzle, bathtub nozzle and washing machine nozzle are widely used in urban and rural households. Most have poor water-saving abilities, and much water is wasted through daily washing. Our bubble-type water-saving device is a brand-new water-saving device with a simple structure and low cost. It uses the Bernoulli principle and the bubble atomizing principle to inhale air naturally in water flow to atomize water flow. It can help achieve more than 50% water-saving efficiency in daily washing behavior.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jepf.v8n3p60


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