Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Dellanj Forest Using Contingent Valuation Methods

Hamdon A Abdelrhman, Tasneem A Almaleeh, Inaam Mohammed Mahmoud elshareef


This study was conducted at Dellanj Forest in South Kordofan State, during the period 2021/2022. This paper aims to quantify the economic value of ecosystem services in Dellanj forest. Data of this analysis were collected using interview for respondents visited the Dellanj forest for one week, monthly and in holidays), 120 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents contains different questions concerning the ecosystem services provided by Dellanj forest. To supplement the primary data, the secondary data, key Informants were used in this analysis. Also, the study followed framework of ecological assessment in quantifying forest ecosystem services and management, the data analysis using statistical Package for Social Sciences. The results revealed that, regarding sex, age, education and occupation of respondent visiting Dellanj forest, 50.8% of respondent were female and the rest of them are male; 34.2% of respondents; in study area their education status was reach and studied until university. The results of the forest visits season indicated that , most of respondent visited the forest four times a month, this represented by 38.3% followed by 3 and 2 times which indicated by 25.8 and 24.2 respectively. Also, the investigation revealed that, there are four main ecosystem services provided by Dellanj forest ecosystem they were recreation, watershed protection, flooding protection and soil erosion. The results depicted that all the choices of payment which presented by the researcher to forest visitors displays positive responds from the interviewees. In addition, the respondent analysis resulted that, the flooding and soil erosion are the main services which provided by Dellanj forest and that indicated the importance of the Dellanj forest to population of Dellanj and the visitors as well. The study concluded that, the four ecosystem services which provided by Dellanj forest are very crucial for the communities resided around the forest and visitors that stated in the mount of ecosystem services payment by the respondents. The study recommended that, the value of ecosystem services must include as environmental extension messages to decision makers and community for conserving Dellanj forest. Also, the economic value of the other service provided by forest need to be investigated to rise the value of Dellanj forest ecosystem and its indirect values.

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