State-owned Enterprises Investment Management Status and Optimization Strategy

Ma Liang, Meng Mei


In recent years in China’s booming market economy, along with the transformation of the market economy on the reform of the state-owned economic system also came into being, in order to increase the source of profit channels of state-owned enterprises, do a good job of the value-added work of state-owned enterprise assets, many state-owned enterprises choose to diversify development, and this trend is now very obvious. The development of enterprises has also produced a number of problems that have had a significant impact on the quality and returns of investments, causing unnecessary losses and increasing unnecessary risks for many state-owned enterprises. The article will be based on the current situation of investment projects and management of state-owned enterprises, analyze the problems that exist in them, put forward effective improvement measures and targeted countermeasure suggestions for the investment management of state-owned enterprises, and promote the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises.

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