Russian Economic Pressures and Energy Stakes in the EU Eastern Neighbourhood

Ioana Sandu


Perceived by the six small countries of the Eastern Partnership as one of their most fearsome adversary, Russia has permanently made its presence visible, all the more in its proximity. Thus, Russian energy resources, that most of the EU members and neighbours covet, have been the subject of numerous debates on the trajectory of energy corridors and have amplified the EU pursuit of developing its own energy strategy and reducing dependence on exterior resources.

Caught in the middle, the “sandwiched” Eastern partners have chosen either to cooperate economically and join the EU side, or to stumble and hesitate between the two, or to adhere to their direct enemy, by joining the Eurasian Economic Union. Regardless of their option, they all try to balance their economic profile with the geopolitical context and to adjust their policies so that they gain a respectful status in the region.

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