Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures of Enterprise Marketing in the new media era

Jingwu Yao, Liwen Yao


With the continuous improvement of the level of electronic data and network technology, the new media industry based on electronic data technology is gradually emerging. The new media is accepted and used by more and more people with its many advantages. The new media marketing is the inevitable choice of scientific and technological progress in the new era. The new media not only diversifies the way enterprises publicize their brands, but also reduces the success of marketing. The new media makes communication with consumers more interactive, which is conducive to achieving more effective communication effect. Through the new media, enterprises can achieve more interaction with audiences and collect more feedback information. The new media marketing allows consumers to occupy a dominant position. In this era that advocates experience, participation and individuation, consumers’ personalized needs are more easily satisfied. This paper mainly discusses the concept and characteristics of the new media, which not only brings new opportunities to enterprise marketing, but also brings some problems and challenges to enterprises. In this regard, this paper puts forward the corresponding countermeasures of enterprise marketing in the new media era to provide reference for relevant enterprises or merchants to carry out marketing.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/jetmm.v5n1p38


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