Current Situation of Economic Life of Vietnamese Community in Cambodia: A Survey’s Results

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huy Hoang


The Vietnamese community in Cambodia is facing a difficult and hard life in all aspects, especially since the Cambodian Government issued and implemented Decree No. 129 in August 2017 on the revocation and cancellation of Cambodian administrative documents that Cambodia deemed abnormal holding and using by foreigners. Accordingly, most Vietnamese people live in Cambodia for a long time, even for five to six generations, have been affected by the confiscation of all documents proving their legal status in Cambodia. As results of the implementation of this Decree, more than 90% of people of Vietnamese origin are considered immigrants, so they hardly enjoy any rights. Because they do not have documents to prove their legal status, people of Vietnamese origin cannot own property and means of production, have difficulty in accessing jobs, and especially their children born in Cambodia cannot go to Cambodian schools.

Besides, along with low education level, temporary life, no expertise, no capital and production means, a large percentage of Vietnamese people in Cambodia have extremely difficult lives. Their per capita income is much lower than the Cambodia’s national average. Many of them live in poverty and vulnerability.

Based on the results of the survey conducted in Cambodia by the research team, this article examines and evaluates the current economic situation of the Vietnamese community in Cambodia. The findings strongly confirm the above assessment.

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