Attitude of the Person along with Ego and Jealousy and its Consequences, Impact of the Same Including Remedial

Amit Deokule


In this Research Paper the Author has enumerated certain facts about attitude of people along with Ego and Jealousy. The author has also factually stated the consequences in which such attitude is being portrayed where the impact and remedial measures have been described exponentially. The author is a life balance coach and executive leadership coach where through the empirical experiences during the sessions he conducts, he has explained his observations with sufficient explanations and examples! He has also been a part of business groups through which also he could reveal few facts and figures which he has stated here. Ultimately why such scenario is prevailing and what are the reasons where 2 Cs’ are important and those are viz Competition and Comparison; have been elaborated! Mainly the category of entrepreneurs and software professionals had more attitude, ego and jealousy. The findings were carried out by the author while conducting coaching sessions for individuals like students, professionals and entrepreneurs! It is discovered that the present stressful conditions in almost everyone’s life are causing lot of hurdles and in that situation not giving up attitude incurring loss where vices like Ego and Jealousy support these people enormously; which in turn get resulted into lot of adversities. The sad story in this is; they still can not surrender themselves and the said behavior is getting continued!

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