PET+EMDR+VR to Reduce PTSD Symptoms

Mingju Zhang


As Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome become ubiquitous in our daily life. Under overwhelming stress, people are more prone to PTSD since they live under stress and frequently come to their limits of sentimental optimal level, and the goal of this paper is to ameliorate these commonplaces in PTSD because it becomes ubiquitous. I hope to expound on this by going through various universal methods, which can guarantee therapists to cover optimal numbers of PTSD patients and benefit larger audiences. While Therapist use prolonged exposure therapy to desensitize patients and EMDR can relax patients during each treatment. Latest VR technology and Situated AI progression will resolve short-come in current PTSD treatments. Research is made and an ideal prototype will be presented with detailed procedure in this paper.

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