Investigating the Impact of Modern Educational Technology on Improving Human Resources with the Mediating Role of Information Literacy of Physical Education Teachers in the 2nd District of Karaj

Mehrdad Moharramzadeh, Nasser Moharramzadeh, Akbar Mahdavi


The aim of the research was the effect of modern educational technology on the improvement of human resources with the mediating role of information literacy of physical education teachers in the 2nd district of Karaj. The descriptive-analytical research method was field method. The current research community is 265 physical education teachers of Karaj District 2. The sample size of the present study was determined to be 265 people. The measurement tools included modern educational technology questionnaires (Yavuz, 2005), human resource improvement questionnaire (Volba and Jansen, 2010) and information literacy questionnaire (Siamak & Daverpanah, 2015). The content and form validity of the questionnaires were confirmed by the professors, and then Cronbach’s alpha reliability of the modern educational technology questionnaire was 0.70, Cronbach’s alpha reliability of the human resource improvement questionnaire was 0.81, and Cronbach’s alpha reliability of the information literacy questionnaire was 0.76. In order to analyze the data of the present research, structural equation modeling method was used. The entire process of analysis was done using spss19 and Amose23 software. The findings of the research showed that information literacy plays a mediating role in the impact of modern educational technology on the improvement of human resources. Therefore, it can be concluded that if human resources have sufficient information literacy, modern educational technology can create an environment that enriches the educational environment, skills, behavior, learning style and improvement of human resources.

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