Alcohol-related Visual Attention Disorders on Hand-Eye Coordination Failure in Basketball Players

Portejoie J. A. Tsiama, Eric K. Moukala


This study evidences that the alcoholic drink does not allow an appropriate selection of stimuli in the player. It was consumed by male college basketball players. The result demonstrated relevant variability on the AUDIT-10 between heavy drinkers and at-risk drinkers. Overall, the HVOT scores show a great failure rate in the task of assembling fragmented and disorganized figures. The results show a visuospatial deficit in trained athletes. The failure of the estimating score on the shooting task while running, among heavy drinkers, is 66.66% with “left eye open”, and 13.33% with “right eye open”. The deleterious effects of alcohol are of the order of 3.3% “right eye open” and 66.6% “left eye open” in high-risk drinkers. Among high-risk drinkers, failure scores are estimated at 54.54% with “right eye open”, 72.72% with “left eye open”. The attraction between basket and “right eye open” is 49.9%, and it is 6% with “left eye open”. But other psychopathological disorders would coexist with those of visual attention.

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