The Impact of Selected Economic and Social Factors on Women Employment in the Public Sector in Eighteen Countries

Abdulfattah Yaghi, Madalla Alibeli


This study examines the impact of selected economic and social factors on the representation of women in the public sector in eighteen countries using aggregated data published by international organizations and mainly from the statistics division in the United Nations between 2000 and 2010. Multiple Regression analysis is used to test the study hypotheses. Findings reveal that there is a positive relation between number of women in the public sector and each one of the following independent variables: size of the public sector, unemployment among men, and general job turnover in the public sector. In addition, there is a negative relationship between number of women in the public sector and two independent variables, namely level of urbanization in the country and number of schooling years for women. These findings and their possible implications for researchers and policy makers are discussed in detail. Recommendations are also included.

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