First Generation Immigrant Adolescents’ Motives to Volunteer

Eli Jaffe, Uzi Sasson


One of the ways immigrant adolescents may try to pursue their dreams in the new place is by volunteering. Volunteerism is a socially important activity which altruistically helps the other and the local community. It is unclear whether volunteerism is an instrument for social inclusion, or it is the goal in itself. The motives of 1st generation immigrant adolescents to volunteer are still an enigma. Hence, this study aims to answer two different research questions; (1) what motivates them to volunteer? and (2) is there a difference between 1st generation immigrant adolescents and native adolescents in their motivation to volunteer? The analysis yields a higher motivated 1st generation immigrant adolescents compared to the native adolescents. First generation immigrant adolescents perceive volunteerism as an integrative action for their social participation. Volunteerism helps them to understand the new culture and it is an indication for their importance in the new community.

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