The Public Procurement Act 663 (2003) Of Ghana: Compliance level in Selected Education District Offices

Kissi E., Addo A. F., Adesi M.


The Procurement of Act 663 (2003) of Ghana was promulgated to sanitize the procurement management process with the ultimate aim of ensuring value for money. Since its introduction in 2003, various evaluation reports have come up with a number of strategies to ensure full compliance in public organizations. The aim of the study was to establish the extent to which district education offices adhere to Act 663; to identify the weakness associated with the practice and to propose recommendations for high level of compliance. The study adopted both qualitative and quantitative research approaches in data collection involving five selected districts in Ashanti region namely Ashanti Akim Central, Asante Akim South, Bosome-Freho, Ejisu-Juaben and Sekyere East. Relative Importance Index (RII) was used to analyze data collected. The study revealed low compliance level of 42.42 percent implying a huge compliance deficit of 57.58 percent. The study further identified contract management, lack of procurement units, lack of proper procurements plans, inadequate use of standard tender documents and high propensity to use sole sourcing method without recourse to Section 40 of Act 663 were identified as weaknesses areas. These weaknesses have negative implications in procurement management practices. It is therefore recommended that procurement units should be established in all the district education offices in Ghana, more importantly, these units should be provided someone with technical expertise in procurement. Similarly, under the auspices the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), refresher courses in procurement management should be organized for district education officers involved in procurement duties. The on-going review of the Act 663 should conspicuously spell out the composition of the Tender Committee at the district education offices. It is anticipated that if these suggestions are enforced, the current level of compliance of the Act 663(2003) would be improved in the district education offices.

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