The Continuum of Mind-Body Interplay—From Placebo Effect to Unexplained Cures

Marcelo Saad, Roberta de Medeiros


Mind and body are components of the same entity, with many relations of great importance to health and disease. The next medical frontier will be to answer what are all the mind and body relations, and how it can be explored in clinical practice. In the present manuscript, the authors collected elements that could collaborate to such advancement. The first challenge is to identify how diverse mind-body phenomena, apparently different, may share common grounds, as different manifestations from a unique self-healing mechanism. The range of such spectrum goes from the underestimated placebo effect to the unexplained cure of serious diseases. In such continuum of common and uncommon phenomena regarding mind-body interactions, small daily wonders may be found in the placebo effect and spirituality in health; unusual special marvels may be found in altered states of consciousness; and great rare miracles may be found in trance states and unexplained cures. Some informal mind-body interventions may have the potential to support the clinical treatment and they could be prescribed by every clinician. Finally, the advancement of the self-healing concept could lead to a better clinical exploration of such natural hidden potential.

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