Sugarcane Industry Development Analysis from the Perspective of Agro-Industrial System Quantification

Marcos F. Neves, Rafael B. Kalaki, Vinicius G. Trombin, Jonny M. Rodrigues


Sugarcane sector has a strong impact as a wealth generator for Brazil. Several authors discuss the importance of quantifying an agro-industrial system. This article aims to analyze the development of the Brazilian sugarcane sector over the past five years and to assess whether the method of mapping and quantification of agribusiness systems (GESis) is a useful tool for analyzing the economic development of an agro-industrial system. The application of the method enabled to see the performance of all the links that make up the agro-industrial system. It also proved to be an important tool to analyze the performance of an agro-industrial system, pointing possible areas for improvement and opportunities. The comparison between both studies contributes to both a better visualization of the sugarcane sector evolution and a better understanding of situational reality of the sector.

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