Determination of the Minimum Amount of Financial Costs in the Event of Occurrence of Selected Crisis Situations Caused by Passengers at the Airport

Stanislav Szabo, Alica Tobisová, Róbert Rozenberg, Iveta Vajdová


Aircraft accidents are currently a relatively common phenomenon. They are the most distressed situations in civil aviation, critical not only for the general public, but also for air transport operators and airports. Every crisis situation has different impacts on the airport, whether material or financially. The aim of this contribution is to analyze the course and impact of selected crisis situations, including unlawful interference, deterioration of passenger’s health on an aircraft board and crowd psychosis, and then quantify the minimum amount of financial costs that arise in these crises. The calculation of these costs is particularly important for airports and their effective preparation for the possible occurrence of individual crisis situations. This raises the question of whether airports are prepared for the possible occurrence of crisis situations and whether they create at least a minimum financial margin to eliminate the impact of each crisis situation.

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