Potential and Problem of Thai Massage Business in China—A Case Study of Guangzhou Antoinette Cosmetic CO., LTD

Ye Dan


This thesis aims to answer the research questions: what’s the potential and problems of Thai Massage Business in China, base on a case study of Guangzhou Antoinette Cosmetic Co., Ltd, a company that runs Thai massage business in mainland China more than 10 years.

The Thesis starts with reviewing Thai Massage business in current Thailand. That is, Thai massage is one of the main attractions of Thai tourism industry, which is the result of many effects, such as policy support from government, skill training support from massage school and training center, individual investment and so on.

According to the case study, the problems of Thai Massage business in China are mainly lays on therapist. Language barrier, no higher salary, barrier of visa application, difficulty of skill training and so on, all these make the Thai Massage Business runs hardly in China.

While in the same time, Chinese have raised their interesting on Thailand and Thai Massage, the tourism boom become an incredible phenomenon that shocking the world. And a new terms—“Ma Sha Ji” (???), means “massage” was be created tells the popularity of Thai massage amount Chinese.

The popularity of Thai Massage round the world have proved its benefit and attraction, though there are still barriers and difficulty, with the development of Thai Massage in modern time, more adjustment will be done. And there are limitation of thesis, further relate studies is worth of doing and yet remain undone, such as the would Chinese Tuina become a tourism attraction as Thai Massage, why could or why not?

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/rem.v2n5p215


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