The Analysis on Sino-Us Development under Trump Administration

Tianrun Feng


The Sino-US relationship was normalized in 1979, and 1st January 2017 marks the 38th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations. Since the US-China diplomatic relationship established, they have been on through zigzags. Two governments seek cooperation in various areas, enhancing close relationships and maintaining a smooth and positive momentum of development, and have achieved a historic progress. With China’s peaceful rise and the US’s eastward shift, the relations are in face of dramatic structural contradictions and the dander of “Thucydides Trap”. Meanwhile, as the core national interests conflict intensified, a new round of strategic suspicion has been stimulated. The “Trump Administration” gives new challenges and opportunities to both countries in economy and security areas, and both government are in face of the co-exist situation of “certainty” and “uncertainty”. In the short term, two governments share both conflicts and cooperation, and in the long term, relations are forging ahead in the difficulties.

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