The Role of a Modern Organization Supporting Business Based on the Recommendation on the Example of the BNI Poland Group

Magdalena Jarczok-Guzy


The aim of the study is to analyze the functioning of the BNI Poland Group as an organization operating on the principle of networking and to show the role of recommendation in contemporary competitive conditions. The method of analyzing the academic literature, secondary sources, internal documents of the studied group as well as primary data in the form of a questionnaire have been used in the article. The article shows that a membership in a business support group based on the recommendation principle in the era of increased competition helps to remain on the market and raise the number of clients. This work can be used as a source of knowledge for every entrepreneur who is open to business contacts kept according to a strictly defined structure and procedures. The issue of the business support group on the basis of recommendation is quite a recent matter in Poland. The BNI Poland Group was established in 2010, while in the USA it has been functioning since 1985. Due to these dates, you can direct more attention to this form of marketing. This paper is not a commercial but scientific analysis of an organization which could be an instrument of competiveness at market.

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