Bridging the Gap between University Accounting Courses and the Market Requirements

Dr. Hasan Yousef El-Mousawi


Recently, there has been a broadening gap between accounting education and market requirements. This research aimed at determining this gap for a more comprehensive view. The researcher adopted the analytical, descriptive approach, utilizing an empirical study. The researcher constructed a questionnaire to be distributed to a population of accounting graduates, who graduated five or less years ago and currently working at audit firms in Lebanon. In addition, the researcher devised another questionnaire for owners and/or managers of audit firms. Moreover, the researcher collected data utilizing interviews with owners of audit firms, examiners at Civil Service Board and the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants in order to evaluate the skills of graduates of the Lebanese University and private universities. The research aimed at finding if a gap exists between what is taught through accounting courses in the Lebanese universities and the qualifications and skills needed from accounting graduates to start their accounting profession. In addition, he wanted to show whether or not the type of the university (public or private) may affect the need for additional training for accounting graduates. The research yielded some important findings, mainly that there is a gap between university accounting courses and market requirements. It also showed that the Lebanese University has some advantages over private universities as well as some disadvantages compared to private education.

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