Some Today Approach of the Household in the Economic Literature

Dalina Andrei


The household is likely to base on one family structurei.e., two spouses, sometimes together with a number of children. The latest are also likely to grow up, fulfill the age of majority, but sometimes stay further home, in the same old household with their parents while though they get some jobs around and earn some money in the labour market, as well as their parents. Other kinds of human relationships than legal family might equally make it. And households of one or another kind are found to work similarly, as economically. Besides, household is unanimously admitted among economic entitiesi.e., it is autonomous in its economic functions, never subordinated to anyone else, and enough influenced by its environment. The literature exposed below will see the household making its own: (i) production, (ii) consumption and (iii) time reserve allowing. The below paper will then search for some insights in this particular economic area.

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