The Reliability Model of Artificial Monitoring on the Anomalous Event in Expressway Tunnels and Monte Carlo Simulation

Ling WU, Yueqi HU, Weihua ZHAO, Tong ZHU


Artificial monitoring remains to be a major way to detect anomalous events in expressway tunnels. To estimate the reliability of artificial monitoring on anomalous events in expressway tunnels, the video surveillance and mobile inspection based reliability models of artificial monitoring on the anomalous event in the expressway tunnel were built, and Monte Carlo method was applied to calculate the probability and mean time to detect the anomalous event at the specific time. The results showed that the Monte Carlo method could simulate video surveillance and mobile inspection, and obtain the probability distribution and mean time of detecting anomalous events. The mean time to spot the anomalous event was in reverse relation with the number of inspectors, the time of mobile inspection, and the reliability probability of the monitoring pre-warning system in tunnels and was in positive relationships with the departure interval. Combined with the actual operation cost, the model serves as a basis for the artificial monitoring package.

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