Creating Customer Value for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Hellen W. Kabue


Customers are increasingly becoming sophisticated due to forces such as advancement in technology, changing social roles and globalization. As a result, customer churning is today a common reality that most companies have to deal with in order to satisfy and retain their customers. Creating customer value has emerged as one of the winning strategic tools that firms could use to gain competitive advantage in the contemporary marketing environment. This paper is an empirical study that presents a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between customer value, customer satisfaction and customer retention. Data was obtained through a survey involving clients of Commercial Banks in Kenya; the survey yielded a total of 385 responses. A self administered questionnaire was used for the customers’ survey while interviews were conducted for Management. Descriptive statistics and regression data analysis methods were employed utilizing SPSS software. The findings of the study revealed that customer value has a positive statistically significant relationship with both customer satisfaction and customer retention.

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