Designing a Model to Improve Sustainable Supply Chain Performance with an Emphasis on Identifying Effective Financial Components through the Soft Systems Method

Fatemeh Aminnaseri, Mohammad Taleghani


Today, in the world of competition, it is necessary for organizations to formulate structured management plans to operate in these conditions. One of the most important issues that can be investigated in depth can make organizations successful in the field of competition, the issue of supply chain management. A new point of view is a financial point of view. Therefore, in the current research, the aim is to provide a solution to improve the performance of the sustainable supply chain by identifying the financial components affecting it. In this way, using the soft systems methodology, approach, the problem of unstructured sustainable supply chain management from the financial point of view is expressed, and then by analyzing it, the image of different players of the drawing system and their root definition is raised. In the following, a conceptual model of activities is presented using the root definition and then the model is compared with the real world. Finally, the desired changes to improve and develop the actual system are identified and programs implemented to improve the performance and increase the profitability of the supply chain management system. Finally, the financial, monetary, sustainability and risk dimensions were identified as the four main factors affecting the sustainable supply chain. The results of this study will be effective for designing improvement patterns in sustainable supply chain management.


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