Analysis of Pinduoduo Social E-commerce Model

Xingyi Liu


With the changes of the times, the internet is becoming increasingly important and mobile phones have become ubiquitous in people’s lives. More and more people are willing to purchase goods online, and e-commerce has entered a new and flourishing stage of development. A single e-commerce marketing model can no longer meet the needs of consumers, therefore, social e-commerce has emerged. The e-commerce industry in China has been developing for over a decade, with various stages gradually maturing and e-commerce constantly growing. At this time, Pinduoduo launched a unique marketing model that integrates social and e-commerce into consumer services. With its unique social e-commerce model, Pinduoduo has become a leader in the e-commerce industry in just three years and has opened up a new field for e-commerce with its unique social e-commerce marketing.

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