The Effect of Strategic Prowess on Job Performance—A Sample of the Directors of the Iraqi Media Network

Ahmad Jabbar Mahmood Al Dulaimi, Dr. Fadlallah Yakhnay, Mr. Mazen Fawaz Massoud


The current research aims to identify the nature of the Iraqi media network’s practice of strategic prowess and job performance, as well as to test the correlation of the impact of strategic prowess as an independent influencing variable in job performance as a dependent variable directly affected, and given the scarcity of studies that attempted to identify and identify the nature of the correlation between the three research variables in their form direct and indirect in the Iraqi environment, add to this the researcher’s attempt to examine and address a real and realistic problem that directly affects the Iraqi media network.

However, the research adopted the intentional stratified sampling method for a population of network managers 250 individuals. The researcher utilized the Thompson equation and Mascheran’s table for small samples. The size of the research sample was 160, and the questionnaire was distributed to them, from which the researcher retrieved 146 which was valid for statistical analysis with a response rate 91.25%, And for this purpose, statistical tools and methods were utilized in analyzing the practical part of the search (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, simple and multiple regression method, path analysis, Sobel test), and they were analyzed by the statistical program (SPSS V.26 & AMOS V 26), in addition to the descriptive and analytical approach through polling opinions and interviews, so it was the main tool in data collection (the questionnaire), and the research reached the most prominent results represented by the existence of direct correlation between strategic prowess and job performance, and the research contributed to providing the Iraqi and Arab library with the theoretical part In an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap in the interpretation of variables.


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